EcoSmart Services - Gear Motor Sizing and Installation, Cutlass Bearing Modification and Overhead Cranes Servicing

Gear Motor Selection, Calculation and Installation

We work with our clients to correctly select the Gear motor based on accurate calculation (size the gear motor to the application), based on the output rpm required, once we have the output rpm we will calculate the correct torque required for the application.

Once the correct gear motor is sized we assist the client with the installation or install the gear motor, using correct procedures of welding structures to hold up the gear motor in place or flange mounting. Modifications have been successfully made to integrate our gear motors into existing OEM systems.

We provide turnkey solutions for the drive system of the gear motor, providing VFD panels and PLC controls all manufactured in house. All our drive systems provided are correctly matched with the existing control systems.

We have done accurate Gear Motor selection, calculation and installation for a large number of applications. Our gear motors have been sized successfully for Conveyers, AHU, Exhaust Systems, Pumps and Overhead Cranes. Industrial Electric Motors

Modification of Cutlass Bearings

Our Standard sized Johnson Cutless bearings held in our inventory can at the customers discretion be sized to fit their existing dimensions using CNC machining techniques. We have the ability to perform the following modifications on our Cutlass bearing carried in stock.

  1. Modification of the ID of the rubber bearing
  2. Modification of the Outer Shell Diameter to match the housing requirements including machining of a step on the housing
  3. Drilling of the PCD on flanged bearings
  4. Cutting to length
  5. Interference Fitting of Cutless Bearing into existing housings

Electric Overhead Cranes Service

We provide the following services for Electric Overhead cranes

  1. Installation of Anti Collision Sensors
  2. Installation of Load Limiter Devices
  3. Installation of Bus Bar and Festoon Systems
  4. Refurbishment and modernization of control panels