Duramax Johnson Non Metallic Cutless Bearing

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Product Overview

Johnson Cutless Non Metallic Sleeve Bearings feature a dense structure of engineered renforced thermoset polymer . The specially formulated Nitrile Rubber is permanently bonded to the Non Metallic Housing will all the tolerances are maintained for the shaft from the factory.  Ideal for instantiation wherever corrosion or electrolysis is a problem ie in aluminium body vessels. 

+ Lightweight
+ Easy Assembly and Replacement. 
+ Over 100 different Sizes in Stock.
+ Noise and Vibration Damping .
+ Water Lubricated 

+ Standard Metric from 25mm to 140mm 
+ Standard Inch Sizes from 3/4″ to 6 1/2″.
+ Custom Sizes Made to Order.

+ American Bureau of Shipping 
+ Loyd’s Register Type Approval 
+ Vietnam Type Approval Register