Complete list of Marine Products

Cutlass Bearings - Duramax Johnson Cutless Bearings

Duramax Johnson Cutless bearings are engineered for heavy duty marine, and industrial applications, featuring a brass or phenolic shell with the rubber lining securely bonded to the housing material the housing for the bearings are made or naval brass and are also available in a rugged non metallic shell. The housings for the flanged cutlass bearings are centrifugally cast naval bronze. Read more about Duramax Johnson Cutless bearings.

Radicon Gearboxes And Geared Motors

Radicon Geared Motors and Gearboxes are the electro-mechanical drive elements for efficient running dynamic drive systems. Each of our Gear Boxes are assembled in house to with stand the tough industrial and marine applications. With main purpose of action as a power transmission equipment, the gear motor acts to take the motor power reduce its speed and increase the torque it produces. Read more about Radicon Geared Motors and Gearboxes