Duramax Johnson Flanged Cutless Bearings

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Product Overview

Duramax Johnson Cutlass Flanged Type Water Lubricated Bearings are centrifugally cast naval brass with an integral flange for bolting to stern tube or strut housing to retain bearing and prevent rotation in housing.

Specially formulated oil and chemical resistant Nitrile rubber is securely bonded to the shell. Shells are heavy walled providing structural strength or step turned if desired.

Johnson Cutlass Naval Brass Flanged Bearings meet Military Specification MIL-B-17901B (ships) Class II Full-Molded Type.

+ Naval Brass Flanged Shell
+ Easy Assembly and Replacement. 
+ Over 170 different Sizes in Stock.
+ Noise and Vibration Damping .
+ Water Lubricated 

+ Standard Metric from 25mm to 140mm 
+ Standard Inch Sizes from 3/4″ to 6 1/2″.
+ Custom Sizes Made to Order.

+ American Bureau of Shipping 
+ Loyd’s Register Type Approval 
+ Vietnam Type Approval Register