Cutlass Bearings - Duramax Johnson Cutless Naval Brass Sleeve Bearing, Plastic Sleeve Bearing and Flanged Bearings

Duramax Johnson Cutless bearings are engineered for heavy duty marine, and industrial applications, featuring a brass or phenolic shell with the rubber lining securely bonded to the housing material the housing for the bearings are made or naval brass and are also available in a rugged non metallic shell. The housings for the flanged cutlass bearings are centrifugally cast naval bronze.

The rubber used in Johnson Cutless bearings is a proprietary blend of tough oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber, molded to fit the shaft in accordance to US NAVY tolerances. Another property of rubber is the ability of it not to hold any grit particles as in polymer bearings which once logged inside causes the scoring of the shaft which could result in an expensive shaft replacement once in dry dock. The natural damping properties helps in absorbing any shaft vibration and slight misalignment of the shaft.

Water has proven itself as the best lubricating and cooling substance. The water groves running the entire length of the cutlass bearing provides maximum lubrication and expulsion of the frictional heat generated by the turning of the journal. The elastic character of the propriety nitrile rubber causes the formation of a natural landing pocket adding in the natural hydrodynamic lubrication while minimizing shaft ware. The hydrodynamic seals caused at the leading and ending edges of the shaft journal spin causes the grit accumulated to move towards the water groves and be flushed out of the system without causing any shaft ware.

We supply various cutlass bearings that include Johnson Cutless Brass Sleeve Bearings, Johnson Cutless Non Metallic Sleeve Bearings (Plastic Sleeve Bearings) and Johnson Cutless Brass Flanged Bearings. Johnson Cutless   Bearings by Duramax Marine

Cutlass Bearing Cross section

Better Concentricity in Duramax Cutless Bearings

Some manufacturers produce their cutlass bearings using center less grinding techniques to machine their outer diameter of their shells, the produces a visually appealing finish but does not indicate the high quality of the bearing. This is because center less grinding process does not take the inside diameter of the bearing into account, the centers of the ID and the OD are not the same. When such a cutlass bearing is installed in the housing it will cause misalignment.

Johnson Cutless bearings by Duramax Marine are machined on the inside and after passing stringent quality control protocols is machined on the outside. Using a mandrel the outside diameter is turned to the correct specifications. This procedure helps in providing the end user with a trust worthy cutlass bearing.
Johnson Cutless Bearing is an US Navy Certified Product.

Duramax Marine has invested a lot of time and effort to provide the best quality and highest performing water lubricated cutlass bearing. Johnson Cutless Bearing meet all MIL-DTL-179901C (SH) Class II specifications . The United States military specifications are not just a class approval, they are one of the most demanding set of tests the Duramax cutlass bearing has to undergo in order to be approved.

ABS Class Certification

The American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval ensures that the cutlass bearing is built up to class standards to ensure the all products approves follow the proper manufacturing process. The class approval is accepted by other major classification societies as well such as

Bureau Veritas
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) Korea Register
Indian Register of Shipping
Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
Lloyd's Register
Indian Register of Shipping

Quality Inspection in Duramax Cutless Bearing

Before release of the Johnson Duramax cutless bearings for shipment all the cutlass bearings are inspected to verify the accuracy of their dimensions. The use of plug gauges is the way to go to inspect the inside dimensions of rubber bearings for shaft sizes under 6 inches.

For bigger bearings Duramax Marine inspectors use ID micrometers. The bearings are also inspected for imperfections and delamination of the rubber and the shell. The bonding with the rubber molding is also thoroughly inspected.

Duramax Johnson Cutless Naval Brass Sleeve Bearing

Duramax Johnson Cutless Brass Sleeve Bearings are adapted well to fit strut and stern mountings, they can be also effectively used for rudder pintel bushing. A sleeve bearing is a cylindrical bearing with straight inside and outside diameters. The Sleeve bearings are precision manufactured to fit their respective dimensions.

Duramax Marine's propriety blend of chemical and oil resistant nitrile rubber is securely bonded to the shell. The sleeves are installed by light press fitting and secured into place using grub screws or conical set screws. These cutlass bearings are available in all standard metric and inch series and are always carried in stock. Johnson Cutless Brass Sleeve Bearing

Johnson Cutless Brass Sleeve bearings are available for the following shaft sizes.
Metric 25mm to 140mm
Inch ¾" to 6 ½"

Duramax Johnson Cutless Non Metallic Sleeve Bearings (Plastic Sleeve Cutlass Bearings)

Duramax Johnson Cutless Sleeve Bearings uses a dense engineered thermo plastic, our proprietary Nitrile Rubber is bonded to the shell with the exact tolerances to ensure a snug fit and lubrication. The non-metallic housings chemical inertness is resistant to all known chemicals, oil and grease.

The non-metallic bearing non electrolytic is best suited for Aluminum hulled vessels and in corrosive industrial pump applications. Johnson Cutless plastic Sleeve bearings are available in our standard metric and inch series and are always carried in stock. Plastic Sleeve Cutlass Bearing by Duramax Marine

The Plastic Sleeve cutlass Bearings are available for the following shaft sizes.
Metric 25 mm to 140 mm
Inch ¾" to 6 ½"

Duramax Johnson Cutless Solid Naval Brass Flanged Bearings

Johnson Cutless Brass Flanged bearings are manufactured by Duramax Marine using a centrifugally cast brass shell with and integrated flange for bolting to retain the bearing and provide an anti-rotation in the housing. The thick walled structure of the shell provides great structural strength and have the possibility to have a step machined or for custom size the housing fit. The flanges are supplied undrilled from stock.

The proprietary blend of nitrile rubber ensures a long shaft and bearing life. All the standard sizes of Flanged cutlass bearings are carried in stock 95% of the time. Duramax Johnson Cutless Solid Naval Brass Flanged Bearings

Johnson Cutless Solid Naval Brass Flanged Bearings are available for the following shaft sizes.
Metric 50.80 mm to 381.00 mm
Inch 2" to 15"

Cutlass Bearings For Sale in entire UAE and GCC Countries

We are the Exclusive Distributors / Distribution Partners of Duramax Marine in the UAE and supply cutlass bearings to the entire UAE ( Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah), and GCC countries. Duramax Marine are the manufacturers of Johnson Cutless Bearings, a leading brand of marine cutlass bearings.