Durablue Composite Bearings

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Product Overview

DuraBlue water-lubricated stern tube bearings are manufactured using a unique synthetic reinforced composite that incorporates solid lubricants for superior operation and outstanding wear life in blue water applications. The composite resin matrix was designed to withstand the rigors of seawater operation and frictional heat generated when used in stern tube propulsion systems.


DuraBlue Composit Bearings  is dimensionally stable, has a very low coefficient of expansion in extremely cold or tropical regions. DuraBlue is designed to tolerate edge loading and misalignment even with the heaviest loads. It is chemical and corrosion resistant and will not cause corrosion to housing.

+ Pollution Free
+ Approved for 2:1 L/d Operation 
+ Ultra Low Friction 
+ High Strength for weight Ratio 
+ Ultra low friction propulsion bearing 
+ High Strength to weight ratio.
+ Self Lubricating for superior Operation. 
+ Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. 
+ Easy to Machine and Install. 

+ Minimum Internal Diameter: 1″ (25mm)
+ Maximum Outside Diameter : 18.25″ ( 464mm)
+ Length 30.50″ (775mm)
+ Sheet Stock upto 48.50″ (1232mm) x 30.50″ ( 775mm) x  1″ (25.40mm) 
+ Custom Sizes Made to Order.

+ American Bureau of Shipping 
+ Loyd’s Register Type Approval 
+ Vietnam Type Approval Register