C Track Festoon System

The C Track Festoon system is normally used for the systems are used to manage cables and hoses which provide power or necessary gaseous/liquid media to moveable machinery. The system supports flat or round conductor cables and hoses for hydraulic or pneumatic equipment, to delivering power and control to movable equipment in a safe, efficient and maintenance free method.

The Festoon cable or hose carrier fit snugly in inside their -tracks and protected against humidity, dust and icing. The C Track Festoon System is also suited for equipment, which has reciprocal motion, but also support large quantities of data cables, including optic fibres travelling independently from the mobile machinery. Our C Track Festoon System consists of the Following Equipment described in detail below.

C Track

These are normally supplied in length of 4 Meters and can be radius bent to meet specifications.

C Track Support Bracket

There are provided in single bolt or double bolt clamping to support the c track on the crane girder or I beam.


these are used to join 2 sections of c track together. The six bold securing option insures a secure fit.

End Stop

These are small pieces of hardware are used at the ends of the C track to ensure that the trolleys don't fall out of the system when moved towards the extreme end of the track.

Towing Trolley

This trolley is pulled along with a towing arm installed in the forward part of the festoon system.

Festoon Trolley with safety plug and socket Connection

The Festoon Trolley supports the pendant control station for controlling the movement of the crane. The plug in socket ensures a IP65 certified seal and a quick release for equipment maintenance. These trolleys are available in 16 pin and 32 pin configuration.

Flat Trolley Steel

Steel Carrier Trolley carry the cables across the system. With a load bearing capacity of 25 Kg per trolley.

Round Cable Trolleys Steel

Our Round Cable Trolleys are used mainly in pneumatic and hydraulic applications with a load carrying capacity of 25 kg per trolley.

End Trolley

Attached at the end of the system to work as attachment point for cables leading in to the system.

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