3 Phase Brake Motors

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Product Overview

Electric Brake Motors are made with the addition of an electromagnetic braking unit on to an AC Motor which when is engaged causes the rotor to impede is axial movement and the device its is connected to. The brake gives a high degree of precision to the movement of the motor.  Our Motors feature a torque adjustment ring which can vary the pressure exerted by the brake unit.  Robust Construction Three Phase, enhanced performance available in Cast Iron IEC Frame with Design B torque Characteristics, features a multi mount arrangement incorporating Cast Feet with flange mount configurations available 2, 4, 6, & 8 pole, 0.55 kW to 18 kW, ideal applications include packaging, conveyor, Overhead Crane, etc. 

֍ Cast Iorn Mounting Feet
֍ 1.07 Service Factor with 50 Hz. Operation /1.27 Service Factor with 60 Hz
֍ 24 Month Warranty on Manufacturing defects. 
֍ Fixed Terminal Box with Top or Side Options 
֍ Cast Iorn Construction with Cast Iorn B5/B14 and Flange Mounts.
֍ Standard B3 Foot Mount or B5/B14 round body.
֍ Class i, Division II, Groups A,B,C and D compliant
֍ Anti- Microbial (Tropacalised) on the stator winding.
֍ 1045 Steel Shaft. 
֍ Class F Insulation
֍ Surface Finish:
     – Alkyl Enamel RAL 9007 – Aluminum Grey
     – Black Oxide Surface treatment for increased corrosion resistance.
֍ Corrosion Resistant Hardware. 
֍ Metric Threaded Cable Gland included with motors.

֍ Continuous Duty (S1)
֍ Ambient Temperature 55ºC
֍ Installation up to 100 MASL

֍ Motors Fitted with standard IEC marked Terminal  block.
֍ Dual Rated motors pre-wired for High Voltage

֍ Class F Insulation 
֍ Designed to Class B Temperature Rise
֍ Vacume Impregnated
֍ Inverter Rated 4:1 Constant Torque, 10:1 Variable Torque (1.0 SF on VFD) Power per NEMA MG 1 Part 30 Standard. 

The standard degree of enclosure protection is IP55 (increased IP protection is available). Both drive end and non-drive end are fitted with double lip oil seals, including a rubber shaft slinger on the drive end. Terminal box is double gasketed including nipple seals between conduit box and stator body. DE and NDE end bell fitted with sintered brass one-way drain.

֍ Normally Closed Brake. 
֍ Bridge Rectifier used for AC to DC conversion, Located inside the motor terminal box. 
֍ Manual Brake Release Included.  
֍ Adjustable Braking Torque. 
֍ Alternative Brake Voltage and Rectifiers available.