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Ecosmart LLC UAE - Manufacture of VFD Control Panels, Industrial Gear Boxes Assembly, Distributor of Marine & Industrial Components, Erection and Commissioning Services for Overhead Cranes and Other Services

EcoSmart General Trading LLC, based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates is a reputed distributor of marine and industrial components and services in the Middle East. We also manufacture VFD control panels as per customer specification, assemble Gear Boxes with customised specifications and provide erection and commissioning services for Electric overhead cranes. We supply to entire UAE ( Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah) , all remaining GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) as well as Iran.

Duramax Johnson Cutless Bearings

Duramax Johnson Cutless Bearings are water lubricated bearings, the ones marine professionals put their faith in. None of the bearings we have supplied have failed as of date. Johnson Cutless is the only bearing to meet the stringent MIL-DIL-17901C Class II approval, with quality testing done every 5 years to requalify for the approval. The Bearings are ABS Class Certified and accepted by all major maritime classification societies. The Cutless Brand of Bearings is a Registered Trademark of Duramax Marine, no other bearing can be labelled a true Cutless bearing

Rubber and Water provide the best lubrication grit elimination properties while providing negligible bearing and shaft wear, this is unmatched by the composite and polymer bearings available in the local market.

Johnson marine bearings are available in Sleeve and Flanged Housing in either Naval Brass or Non-metallic Phenolic Shell. All sizes of the bearing are carried in inventory in our warehouse, the bearings can be machined in house to fit custom housing and shaft sizes. Johnson Cutless   Bearings by Duramax Marine

Duramax Johnson Demountable Bearings

The demountable bearing concept allows for the change of the worn bearing staves without drawing out the shaft and allow for a more economical option for vessels with larger shafts. Duramax Johnson Demountable Bearings are ABS Class certified. Each set of staves are precision machined to fit the corresponding shaft and housing size. Installation of Johnson  Demountable Bearing

Duramax Shaft Seals And Johnson Stuffing Box

Our Line of Johnson Stuffing boxes and Duramax Shaft Seals for the recreational and commercial maritime use for sealing bulk heads, rudder ports and stern tubes. The Johnson heavy duty stuffing box is available for shaft sizes 2.5 inches up to 36 inches custom built. Engineered with a emergency air seal which allows for maintenance without the boat having to go into dry dock. The seals can be supplied for a vessel built from Steel, Aluminium and Fibre Glass.

Duramax Ultra X High Performance Gland Packing

Duramax Ultra X High Performance Gland Packing is manufacturered from PTFE Braded Tape impregnated with Graphite and proprietary lubricants. Duramax Ultra X Grand Outperforms all other packing’s in the market with its heat rejection properties and low shaft wear allowing for 5 times longer use as compared to the standard flax packing’s.
Duramax Gland Packing is available in sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 ¾ inches. These spools of packing’s are available in stock in our warehouse in sizes of 1 lb, 5 lb, 10lb and 20 lb.

Industrial Gear Boxes

Our industrial gear boxes are available from our extensive stock to fit any motor KW rating and output rpm. These custom gearboxes can be dispatched within 24 hours once the order is received. Our team of engineers can help with the selection and sizing of gearbox to fit all applications.

3 Phase Industrial Electric Motors

Our General Purpose 3 Phase Industrial Motors are housed in a powder coated steel casing and IP55 certified. The totally enclosed Fan Design allows for efficient cooling and efficient working of the electric motors. We carry stock of motors from 0.55 KW all the way to 22 KW in our inventory. 3 Phase Industrial Electric Motors in our store

VFD Control Panel Manufacture

We are a manufacturer of VFD Motor Control Panels (Variable Frequency Drive motor control panels). These panels are built to meet the customer requirement for gearboxes and motors supplied by us. These VFD control panels help with the long life and greater efficiency of motor and motor driven equipment. Our VFDs are manufactured using Schneider Electric Components. With all the components in stock we can promise a delivery time of 24 to 48 hours. All manufactured VFD control panels go through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure an uneventful service in the field.

Power Rail Conductor Bus Bars

Hamilton Power Conductor Rails for mobile material handling equipment is available from current ratings of 100 Amps to 300 Amps in either Copper or Galvanised Steel. These items are carried in our inventory.

Festoon System

The C rail Festoon system has been designed for the conveyance of round and flat cable for power and control circuits for mobile material handling equipment. This festoon system is available in either Galvanised steel or Stainless steel for use in highly corrosive environments. This festoon system can be radium bent as per the application to a maximum radius of 1.25 meters. The festoon system and all related accessories are carried in our inventory.

Services Provided - Erection, Commissioning and Breakdown Service of Electric overhead crane, Power Conductor Rails Installation, Installation of Festoon Systems And Many Other Services

We assist our clients in the following services with our in-house team of factory trained technicians. All jobs undertaken by us are completed within the committed deadlines and in the safest possible way.

  • 1. Installation of Propeller/ Impeller Bushing
  • 2. Installation of Shaft Seals for Propeller / Impeller Shafts
  • 3. Installation of Festoon Systems
  • 4. Installation of Power Conductor Rails
  • 5. Electric overhead crane Erection and Commissioning
  • 6. Breakdown Service, Modification and Upgradation of Overhead Cranes
  • 7. Rail Alignment and Installation.
  • 8. Load Testing and Safety Certification

Exclusive Distributors / Distribution Partners for Duramax Marine, Radicon Transmission and Hamilton Power Safe LTD in the UAE.

We are the Exclusive Distributors / Distribution Partners of the following Brands in the UAE.

Duramax Marine
Duramax Marine is one of the oldest manufacturers of marine and industrial bushing in the world, based in Hiram, Ohio. Their products are used in the recreational, commercial and military vessels.
They are the market leader for water lubricated bearing technology, terrestrial maritime impact protection, shaft sealing and Heat exchangers.

Radicon Transmission
Radicon Power Transmissions is a premier manufacturer of standard and custom gearboxes for all Industrial applications. Their product range includes couplings, worm gears, geared motors and industrial reducers. They have a modular approach to the construction, and can manufacture a gearbox to match the required rpm and the motor mounting. Gearboxes can be manufactured to provide a maximum torque of 6 Million Nm. They are based in the United Kingdom and have manufacturing locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Hamilton Power Safe LTD
Hamilton Power Safe Limited is the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of Conductor Rail Bus Bars, C Track Festoon Systems and Catenary Wire Rope Festoon System for mobile material handling equipment. The versatility and quality of Hamilton products have made them a leading manufacturer of power and festoon systems which other manufacturers have tried to replicate with limited success.

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